Ideas On How To Make A Cramped Dorm Appear Bigger

The cramped space of a small dorm may not be the perfect living space. It’s really difficult to arrange your furniture and decorate it. That’s because a wrong move may mean ending up with an even tinier room. However, there are ways to create extra space. You can go for the right furniture and making the most of what you have.

Maximize your dorm space by scaling down your furniture. Of course, you can’t expect to incorporate a large dining room set, as you will have no more space left for other essential items. For your dining area, go for a small square table with a pair of chairs which you can easily place in one corner.

If there are closets built into the space near your preferred dining area, make the most out of them. Get rid of their doors. You can place your small ref in it. You may also place items in it such as your toaster, microwave oven, airport and others. The drawers may house your canned or dry goods.

Bunk beds are a great space saver, as you got two sleeping places built on top of one another. If you got the dorm only for yourself, a loft bed with a desk is a good choice. The top is where you get your relaxation and sleep; the bottom is where you do your studying. You may even put a small couch or futon under the bed when you got guests.

The desk underneath it may be used for more than just studying. If you’re the type of person who likes studying in the library or in bed, use it for something else. It can be your dining area if you got no more available space even for a small table and a couple of chairs.

Shelves are a great storage space for the dorm. It’s because it takes up space in a vertical manner, so you got plenty more available space horizontally. You can place your books, shoes, and small appliances like a small TV on a shelf. But it’s best if you can have your TV wall-mounted, which also looks very contemporary.

Having white walls will make for a larger and cleaner looking room. But if you prefer other wall colors, go for monochromatic ones, as breaks in color will make your dorm look even smaller. You should also carefully choose the colors of the items you place in the room. For instance, it’s best to go for a quilt set with plain colors, rather than with busy prints. An oversized mirror will help give the illusion of having a larger space; plus it also reflects light, making the room brighter.

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